Vitosha Substation 110 kV

CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD

A consecutive project of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD was realized by Neopet Ltd. at the end of 2018. As a leading partner in T & N Energy Association Neopet Ltd. has successfully fulfilled its obligations under a contract with the subject „STORING, SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF A NEW 110 KV ELECTRICAL COMPLEX DISTRIBUTION DEVICE IN THE VITOSHA SUBSTATION – A CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ELEMENT ON THE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK 110 KV OF THE SOFIA CITY „by dismantling old equipment (GIS 110kV) and delivering, installing and commissioning new one produced by ABB. The construction and assembly and commissioning works were carried out within 45 calendar days and the replacement of the old equipment will ensure a smooth operation of the Vitosha substation, minimize the interruptions of the power supply and reduce the losses for CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD.